Cheryl Richards Photography is a five-time "Best of Boston" winner from Boston magazine, among numerous other accolades. She is a true artist in her field specializing in stylish and artful high end photography. Cheryl has a reputation for soulful portraits, memorable event photographs, classic head shots and more. Her artful photography has made her a prominent figure in the industry for over 25 years.

"A world class photographer. She is very much an artist... a unique and enormously talented artist. I'm just proud to know her."
Jack Connors / Founder Hill Holliday

"I am crying...the photos are so moving. You totally capture the essence of my line. They are amazing."

Kate Brierley, Designer / Isoude

"Cheryl is able to capture the exact second that you are YOU."

Jennifer Donaldson / Client

"Cheryl really, truly loves what she does and it shows... I would wear a sandwich board for her."

Shannon Pastuszak / Client